Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 52...B is for Baker...Peter Baker!!

Pete gave me his yummy brownie reciepe. I decided to give them a whirl today and all i can say is squidy yumminess! Who needs google,Jamie or Nigella when i have Pete??? I remember the first time i met Pete and his lovely wife Yvonne, it was the weekend of my birthday 2009, they made me these brownies-honest to god two of the nicest people i know!!  Dee, Sharon and myself pigged out at about 3am in our hotel!!! One of the best weekends i ever had and got to meet so many new and lovely people that are now my closest friends. These brownies will always remind me of them, and just a million thanks for all the help with Lamb,Ham Brownies and well just about everything i make these days!! I have a very happy husband who feels the same xx


  1. I remember those brownies! Yvonne had put the penguin picture on the lunchbox they came in. They were delicious!!

  2. Awww gorgeous! I've tears in my eyes.

  3. My pingin lunch box!!!
    Becky ya big old softie xxx