Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 78.....Wellness!!

Finally getting around to going for my day at the spa!! had a facial today and have money left on my voucher for post baby pampering. It was so lovely and relaxing, i was floating around for the day after it!!! Ahhhhh bliss!!

Day 77......New car!!!!!

Yeahhh its here!! Our new car!!! We are well chuffed with it, loads of toys and space and cool gadgets we keep finding something new everytime we sit into it!!! Richie worked so so hard the last few weeks and has sold most of his diving gear to help towards the price of it and i couldnt be prouder of him!! He really pulls out all the stops to provide for us-even if it is a lovely splurge in lieu of a honeymoon we've never got to have!!! I dont care how many people sneer down their noses about no ressesion in our house, my fantastic hubby works till the early hours of the monring some nights to keep us all going and without his dedication to us and his business we'd be in a very different place now! Thanks you!!

Day 76......Blossom

I love this tree, the worst  thing with the white blossom is that it only ever lasts about two weeks before a gust of wind takes them off again!! A lovely sign that summer is well and truely on the way!! Yeahhhhhh

Day 75....Mothers day

Had such a lovely weekend, was spoilt rotten!!! My little man-with help from the bigger man of the house got me a new charm for my bracelet-with a little diamond in it-which is the birth stone for April for my lil pingy!! Awwww i love it!! My bracelet is filling up nicely!

Day 74.....Home colouring

I really really shouldnt but im always one to take a notion!!!! This is the new hair colour-in preparation for my hospital visit!! You'd think i was going away on holidays they way im acting hee hee!!!! Well my hair turned out lovely, but i cant say the same for the shelf in the bathroom.......oops!!

Day 73.....Best Pals

Jack and Billy loving spending the day in mahon point with their mammies!!! We had a lovely morning with them, Jack just adores him and they play wrestling up in the play area!! Jack has now decided that baby Fireman Sam is now going to be a baby sister because Billy has a baby sister! I hope they are still friends in years to come! They are so funny to watch!!

Day 72......MotoX

A trip to Vernon mount for a day of moto x! Richies new hobbie! Someday he will be as good as these guys!! Wont ya love???? Hee hee!!