Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 69......My laptop :(

Been on the blink for about a week now, got a new charger for it yesterday but now the charger is overheating and cutting out! Hope it gets sorted properly soon, i miss it! And i have squinty eye from being on my phone all the time!

Day 68.....Painting

Yeahhh painting!!! Our sitting room and kitchen is long over due a freshen up. So we sorted out the sitting room now just leaves the kitchen. Jack has a lovely mural of sqribbles in black permenant marker all over one of the walls, ive tried everything and nothing shifted it!! Looks like two coats of paint will help-hopefully!

Day 67......Cheers

My cousins were over for the weekend, i love seeing them, i wish i could see more of them. Here is Blackie and Mandy with Jack in the middle just about to watch the match in Reardens. Id be lost with out my cousins, Tina who is not in this pick is my best friend as well as my cousin, we are so alike and we have the best laugh when we are together, she is also my rock and when ever i need her she is always on the other end of the phone. Jack adores them too he was so excited all week (and me too) when we were doing the countdown to when we'd see them

Day 66........Big Knickers

Me and Jack went off to pennys to get the last of the bits and pieces for the hospital, we wandered around pennys for awhile and i was just heading for the till when jack kindly reminded me that i was forgetting something. So with a massive hand gesture and at the top of his voice he said "Mam what about your big big big big knickers"-nice one Jack im glad the whole of pennys now know what we came for hahahahaha. We headed for smothies afterwards so relax for a few minutes, he is so funny honest to god i hope he always stays as funny and lovely and that his little sister or brother will be the same :)

Day 65.......Sleepovers and Birthdays

We had the loveliest girlie night in chez Dee!! Yvonne, Sarzie and Rosie came down and as it was the girls birthday we got them a cake, I laughed so hard at Dee on the phone ordering the cake and trying to spell gimpy. And then we laughed again when we actually saw that they left out the AND between Sarz and Gimpy so the two are combined now some what like Jedward LOL. We had such a lovely night, some Dinos and a night in chatting in the jammies!!

Day 64.....Sharing is Caring

My sister Linda treated me and Jack to lunch today, we shared a dessert -white chocolate and rasberry cheescake, it was lush i have to say!!! But shhhhhh dont tell Harry she is supposed to be off nice things for lent hee hee!

Day 63.......D-Day

Or should i say C day. I got my date for my section!!!! The 20th of April i will be 39 weeks and will have my new little pingy! Its so exciting now that im booked in and the countdown is on!! The doctor said she will have me home for my easter egg, which i have instructed Richie to get the biggest one he can find....ooh and it has to be galaxy mmmmmmmm no flowers thanks Flynnie just loads of chocolate before i had to go back to being good again!!

Day 62......My Bible

This is my folder for the hospital, i have to bring it to every appointment, its pretty empty in comparison to the one i had for Jack. All my scan pictures, all my notes are in here and i love going through it, even though i dont understand half the lingo in it.

Day 61......Bondi rescue

One of my guilty pleasures is watching Bondi rescue, i lovei it and Whippet who used to be Sam on Home and Away is definetly worth watching for hee hee! Jack enjoys it too, and i caught him doing this last week, lying across his table-or his surf board as he now calls it and paddling out to do his rescue hee hee!! I love the imagination, everyday there is something new, sometimes its giving me some back chat with his cross face on and he is Ben 10 and turns into a dragon and gives out to me but other times it really is funny and we get such a great kick out of him every day

Day 60.....Balming out

Here is Skipper beat out from running around after birds and the cats all day. I know i posted picture of her a while back in by the fire but it really is her favourite place and her snorning away i just had to add her in again! She torments the life out of me with all her barking but i wouldnt be without her i just wish she would stop rolling around in the cow shit in the field out the back-VOM

Day 59....Belly Buttons gonna get ya!!!

My innie is now an outtie!!! Much to the entertainment of Richie and Jack. I also use it to freak out my friends hahaha!! Im sooooo glad that belly button piercing is long gone. Just another indictation the end is in sight!!! This picture could be anyone, couldnt it??? Surely its a big hairy man with a giant beer belly??

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 58.....Glamour at its finest!

Some of the bits and pieces i need for hospital, oh the glamour of it all. I got a great kick out of buying these bits and pieces, what happend to all that lovely underwear i once wore and the perky boobies??? Long gone thats where, but all worth it of course. I cant believe ive 8 weeks left, feels like yesterday we found out.

Day 57.....Wooly Bears anyone??

Comfyiest things on the planet!!!! Like a wearable sleeping bag, these are Richies for diving, another one of his beloveds that is for sale, he has sold most of his diving gear now, poor fella i know it hasnt been easy for him. He washed them last night and since its been such a nice day i hung them out to dry, they look so funny up on the line.Fair play Richie your a trooper xxxx

Day 56....Getting to Grips!!

I was sorting out all the little clothes for the baby and i was showing Jack-he thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw and kept holding it up and laughing at it!!! I really cant wait for him to meet the baby! I then showed him a tiny nappy, he just thinks this is fantastic altogether, so we got a teddy bear put on the nappy and vest and off he went to the playroom and arrived back with the bouncer, so now teddy has had three nappy changes gone through half a packet of wipes and is bouncing away, and every now and again Jack picks him up and says Shh shh shh while rocking him, he has also told him shut up of i'll put you outside with skipper hahahaha!! Oh bring on fun times ahead!!!!

Day 55....Now this is what i call fast food!

Out in my friends dossing away-as you do like, i thought feck it i took nothing out for dinner-a quick stop off at Blackpool shopping center i spotted this!!!! A steal i think for a tenner-whack it in the oven for 50 minutes and drown it in gravy-oh my oh my it was lush, it will be gotten again

Day 54.....Happy Birthday Sonny

Richies dad was 66 the other day, we had this idea to get a cake made up for him, my highlight of the evening was when he was cutting the cake and seemed to revert back to being 5 years of age pretending to open the back door of the van, and how we all laughed about weather the matress was fully orthopedic or not LOL
Im glad he got such a great kick out of it i love being able to do something nice for my inlaws.
The Smallies had a great night too, all very hyper after plenty of icing and fair play to Trish for laying on some yummy yummy food i had two helpings of everything.............but im eating for two........... ;-)