Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 53....F is for Flowers

Baby daffodils in my garden popping up all over the place, its so lovely and yeahhhhhh it means spring is here,longer days,green trees again and Bring on the summer!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 52...B is for Baker...Peter Baker!!

Pete gave me his yummy brownie reciepe. I decided to give them a whirl today and all i can say is squidy yumminess! Who needs google,Jamie or Nigella when i have Pete??? I remember the first time i met Pete and his lovely wife Yvonne, it was the weekend of my birthday 2009, they made me these brownies-honest to god two of the nicest people i know!!  Dee, Sharon and myself pigged out at about 3am in our hotel!!! One of the best weekends i ever had and got to meet so many new and lovely people that are now my closest friends. These brownies will always remind me of them, and just a million thanks for all the help with Lamb,Ham Brownies and well just about everything i make these days!! I have a very happy husband who feels the same xx

Day 51....C is for Clothes!

Seriously how much more can my washing machine and dryer be on the go!!! I am now convinced that people sneak in by night wear our clothes and leave them on the floor. My most hated job in the house is folding them and putting them away, Richie and Jack are easy its just when i open my wardrobe things fall out on top of me! Richie i know you love that i have admitted that outloud, LOL xx

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 50.....L is for life support machine

Awwww my laptop is having a meltdown, over heating and going really slow!!! Richie tore it apart and fixed a few little things so hopefully it will be back to all systems go again!! Id be lost without it!! My friends live in there :)

Day 49......H is for Housewife

Thats me the perfect housewife today!! Stepford have nothing on me!!! A yummy sheppards pie and some delish cup cakes!!! Have myself home bound for the next few weeks, i get so weak and my SPD plays havoc with me if im out and about all day, no harm in taking it easy for now anyway no doubt when number 2 arrives i wil be wishing for it!!

Day 48......I is for Invitation

Our friends from austrailia are getting married!!! They are such a lovely couple i hope they have a fantastic day, unfortunatly with the baby due not long after the wedding we wont be able to make it :(
Have a great day Pete and ye loads xxxx

Day 47....Spooky Friday

Just arrived home from Richies mums after a yummy dinner and Jack was just falling asleep in the car, when he saw the moon he said it was spooky like scooby doo!! It looked so lovely and was actually a lovely mild night too! Nights like this i wish we still had our hot tub!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 46.....Go safari

Baby Jacks first play center visit!!! How cute is he in this entertainer!! It was also another first for him to have some toast, he wasn't quiet sure but kept coming back for another little taste!!!My Jack ran the legs off himself up and down slides and being super independant and buying his own juice off the lady and give her the money!! Yummy lunch and home to crash out!!! A lovely day!!!

Day 45.....She passed!!! Woohoo

This is my sister!!! She passed her driving theory test!! So watch out road users she is hitting the road soon!! EEK!!!! Im thrilled for her and when she is more mobile it will be brilliant and a great help to me when i have the smallie too!!! She will be driving her Yaris-that was my first car too, i loved it!! So i will defiently be taking a few spins off her car hee hee Congrats linyloos

Day 44.....Diamonds are forever

These are the sparkly bits from my wedding bouquet, i cant bring myself to throw them out and thet are pretty!! I dug them out the other evening to put in the flowers i got off Richie for valentines day. Aww i did want to have my bouquet preserved it was so beautiful

Day 43.....Things about me

I bite my nails,my worst habbit although im sure Richie would say that when i interupt people that is far worse!!! EEK!!! I use that awfull tasting nail varnish on my nails to help me stop, they are good at the moment, i filed them all down the other night-hense why they look awfull i can never do a good job myself!!! I better hide them from Dee-she'll murder me hahaha
I initially tried to take a picture of another burn on my middle finger, im such a friggin clutz lately every time i make the dinner i burn one of my fingers or part of my hand off something!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 42......WTF Hailstones????

Someone tell mother nature its actually spring time!!!! Beautifull day here and then all of a sudden it gets really dark and the hailstones started pelting down, it was mad!! It lasted about 5 minutes and as quick as it came it went and the sky cleared again and the sun was back out!!!

Day 41...What to get next!

I love my pandora bracelet, i love getting something new for it but it has to mean something, i have my littel boy for Jack, my kangaroo to remind me of our hols in oz, my wedding cake was what i got on my hen, the i love you box that i got when we got married and the love heart i got for my birthday, all the lovely glass ones i picked up down in Killarney where we spent a few days after the wedding to add some colour! Must get a new baby one now for the next arrival...ooh and maybe some purple glass!! 

Day 40.....Two of a kind

There's no doubt about it, Jack is definetly a daddies boy!! Here they are watching the match, and daddy shouting "come on" and Jack repeating everything even when he said "oh Bollox"!!!!!! Its defiently time to curb the bad language!! We couldnt help but laugh!!!
Despite the myth that breast feeding hinders a proper bond for the dad, it certainly is far from wrong here!!! For a time jack would gladly wave me off at the door but bawl cry when Richie left, he just adores him and its so sweet to watch him copy everything that Richie does!! Like his little mini me!! I have started to get more of a look in since we got married! Maybe Jack now knows we have the same surname LOL

Day 39.....Things are bad!!!

Uh oh its that time again!!! Seperate quilts!!! Well with my new body tempreture not so unlike the children on the ready brek add i am freezing my poor husband out of it!!! So on my side of the bed is the summer quilt and on Richies side is the winter quilt!! The window is constantly open and i have pillows for every inch of my growing bump!! Poor Richie resembles a caterpiller in a coocoon when he goes to bed and the gale force wind that blows in the window and a quilt that is only thrown over half of me keep us happy and no need for seperate beds.....well just yet anyway hahaha!!!

Day 38....Toy story

Well there Jack was sitting having his lunch when he wanted a kiss so off he toddles over to give me a kiss and we have a little conversation....this is how it went....
Me: Love you
Jack: Love you too
Me: Who else do you love
Jack : ermmm Daddy, baby fireman sam and ermmmm TOY STORY
Which was shouted with excitement!! I thought it was so funny, toy story has become a part of our lives and for two days this week he has been Buzz Lightyear, very similiar to stars in your eyes LOL, Every time we called him Jack he shouted No my names buzz lightyear and continued to shoot me with his lazer hahaha

Day 37....Cravings

Well it started out very normal and all i wanted was bags and bags of meanies, id normally hate anything that flavour but i wanted it so bad!!! My press has a good supply of these!!! Then up in Richies mums house when she was having her doors varnished i could have licked the doors!!!! Thats all i want, i hang out down in Richies shed like a druggie looking for my next fix!! He has hidden paint and varnish and other such smelly things!! So with chatting to my lovely friend Rosaleen she suggested i have a quick sniff off a firelighter so curb the varnish cravings-well hasnt that opened up a whole new can of worms!! Thanks Ros!!! LOL
I no sooner look sideways at the box of firelightes and Richie is shooting me dirty looks across the room and accusing me of solvent abuse hahahah!!! I decided to add it to my 365 to remind my poor fading brain of this time!!! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 36....Mushy Peas!!

Giving my self a clay mask earlier!! Im only beautiful! Jack says its like mushy peas and i chased him around the house pretending to be a monster!! So facials are beneficial all round haha!! I dont know why i bothered though, I will be slapping on some make up later heading out with the mollies (mum online) I cant wait i havent seen them in yonks!! Here i come house special chow mein nyom nyom

Day 35.... Skippers hiding place!

After prancing around the kitchen when we leave her in and making sure she hits every tile on her way in, she tucks up in behind the stove!!! Wrapped about the legs of it and snores her little brains out!!! She also know this is the only place in the house she can go and Jack cant get her!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 34.... Loopers!!

Off out spinning around yesterday we pulled up at the beach, only to see these 4 lunatics going in on the body boards!!! The howling wind and torential rain weren't stopping these!! Had to be seen to be believed haha

Day 33.....Worn out from his big day

Linda and Harry took Jack to the cinema today, he loved it, ran out the door and blew me a kiss, He is never away from us and after the wedding and the trama of starting the creche in september he hasnt left our sights!! Linda offered last week and we thought seeing as we need him to be more indepandant from us and also need him to be ok when i go to hospital we said we'd give it a go. We didnt realise how happy he would be to head off with them!!! By the time he came home full of stories of the cinema and what Harry and Linda got him he was fit for bed!!! He crashed out, and i just had to take this picture of his little face!!!

Day 32....Weather!!

This weather is just mental!!! Our poor trampoline wasnt any match for it! I've also learned today that a shopping trolley full of stuff and the wind are not a good combo! This weather is good for nothing only sitting in by the fire!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 31....Who ate all the pies??

Meee!!!! Here i am at 28 weeks, Sometimes DS says my belly is too fat and sometimes he says its too hairy, but today he didnt mind so much! We have been referring to the baby as baby fireman sam, i think unless this baby arrives with a fire hose and a yellow helmet Jack might be a bit disapointed, maybe its time to start thinking of real names!! I cant wait to meet our newest member of our family!! Its so exciting to think we will be back to breast feeding and nappies in no time!!! We cant wait, and i definetly cant wait to see Jacks face when they meet for the first time!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 30.....Easy dinners

Not a lot of effort needed but it was yum!!!! And seriously is there anything better than some baby pops and real butter!!! Its a good thing i made enough for tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 29.... First day of Spring

Yeahhhhhh after a LONG winter we have some sun and heat!! Who'd have thought!! Jack got to play outside-the first time since about November id say, he is wrecked now!! Woohoo early to bed. It was such a lovely day and nice to see some colour in his cheeks from all his running around!

Day 28.....Out in the Sticks!!

A mans work is never done, all my complaining of the trees blocking the sunlight paid off, Richie cut them down, i woke the other morning and all the branches were covered in frost, it was so pretty. I cant wait untill the summer, sitting on the deck wont be cut short anymore!! Here's to loads of big BBQs and fingers crossed for plenty of sun!!

Day 27... Our first date...

We were off down around west cork over the weekend, it is so lovely down there!!! On our first date, we took a spin down here -Incydoney and walked along the beach, we sat and talked untill about three in the morning!!! I think i floated the whole way home!!!!
The following weekend we decided we would go camping down here, we came into the hotel bar for our dinner and we sat in this corner!!! There was this one man band type fella singing away!! He was woefull even after the skinfull of drink we had he was still awfull!!! In our haste to set up the tent we didnt really check around the ground so much and when we woke up the following moring-never mind the pounding hangovers we had we were soaked aswell!!!! So much for all the years in the scouts, i still never manage to live that one down.

I was sitting in the hotel bar the other evening, looking at that corner and then looking at Richie and Jack and feeling my little bambino kicking times have certainly changed, id never have thought for one mad minute that lovely night in Inchydoney would lead to the wonderfull life we have built together!

All together now..........awwwwwwwww LOL x

Day 26.......Mix em' gather em'

This is what happens when Richie cooks dinner!!! All kinds of everything!!! It was delish and looking at the massive pile of food i thought no way id be able to finish eating for two a good enough excuse!!