Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 37....Cravings

Well it started out very normal and all i wanted was bags and bags of meanies, id normally hate anything that flavour but i wanted it so bad!!! My press has a good supply of these!!! Then up in Richies mums house when she was having her doors varnished i could have licked the doors!!!! Thats all i want, i hang out down in Richies shed like a druggie looking for my next fix!! He has hidden paint and varnish and other such smelly things!! So with chatting to my lovely friend Rosaleen she suggested i have a quick sniff off a firelighter so curb the varnish cravings-well hasnt that opened up a whole new can of worms!! Thanks Ros!!! LOL
I no sooner look sideways at the box of firelightes and Richie is shooting me dirty looks across the room and accusing me of solvent abuse hahahah!!! I decided to add it to my 365 to remind my poor fading brain of this time!!! 

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