Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 25... Colours!!

What colour should the new car be???? Im sure its the least of Richies worried what colour it will be!! He is currently trying to figure out how to pay for it hee hee! In the meantime i will busy myself with the more important things!!! Now where do you plug in the ipod????

Day 24..... Blue and Green should never be seen!

Day 23 ... Blue

One of my favourite colours is blue!!! Its so calming or something!! I love this rainbow on baby Fireman Sams Quilt, its so pretty and the more blue the better!!

Day 22....Brown!!

Not the most appealing of colours but when its in the form of chocolate its all the yummier!!! This yummy brownie met its makers with me and Jack!!! Yum!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 21.....Neutral

Its all about lemons,whites,yellows and creams here this week!!!! New baby clothes for the new arrival!!! I love seeing all these teeny tiny vests soon to be given a back seat to pink or blue!!! Only 12 weeks to go!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 20...... Colous

Richies nan used to collect buttons-she had all sorts and colours, a brilliant friend of ours made a beautiful ring cushion for our wedding with an array of Nana Mac's buttons on it, its so beautiful i gave it to my MIL for her little keep sake, she was thrilled! Then this arrved in the post for us-the remainder of nana macs buttons on a message board, its brilliant we use it every day!!! These are just a few of the button pins Becky made for us, there are lovey and cheery!! So colourfull in my kitchen makes the bills attached easier to look at!!

Day 19.... My friends!

I love my friends, we all met up on Saturday and had a lovely day, we dont see each other half enough and with so many of us scattered around the country its really special when we do manage to meet up. They threw me a baby shower, i nearly died when i walked in and saw all the baloons and banners. My little baby was spoilt and it was great to spoil all the other little smallies that were there too!! !Jack got himself a girlfriend aswell and hasnt talking about Amy since he came home. Hope it wont be too long before i see them all again!!! What a great bunch im lucky to have them!!! xx

Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 18.....My house

As much as i may complain its small but i love it, i remember the day we dove up to view it, we were smitten straight away regardless of the 4 dogs living here pissing all over the place and the cat who had her kittens in the bathroom and a smell that would knock a horse, we saw the potential!! Its a far cry today then what it was 5 years ago! Its lovely and cozy and not massive or overly extravagant but its ours, our little home and i wouldnt move..... ever!!! An extension would be nice but for now its perfect! I love the fact that we live in the country, lovely and peacefull and great neighbours too.

Day 17... Jack

He is for sure my favourite!! I love spending my days with him, being a SAHM is so hard sometimes but i wouldnt change it for the world, We have such fun together and his little stories are getting funnier by the day! He is the light of my life, my little hero! Today he wanted to do my make up, much to the disapproval of his dad!! LOL Ermm i cant say the outcome is a look i will be re doing for a night out, but was fun all the same!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 16...Memories

I love this!! Our best friends got this done for us as our wedding present-we were on top of the Sydney Harbour bridge and i love this picture, sums up a great holiday!! All our guests signed it so basically our wedding guest book, i love looking at it and everyday i find something new to read on it, all the lovely things people wrote on it for us on our wedding day!!! I should really get a frame for it!! Its definetly one of my favourite things

Day 15....Shopping!!!

Who doesnt love shopping?? This is a picture of Mahon Point, i was meeting my friend and her little fella today, do some shopping, meeting and chatting with Linda and mac donalds and icecream no wonder its one of my favourite things to do!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 14... Haircuts!!

I have always loved getting my hair done, its so relaxing and Jack is the same, he has been at Richie all day for a haircut!! He loves it! And came running in to show me when he was all done shouting no more curls!

Day 13....Inlaws!

Cant live with them and cant live without them!!!! I gotta say i love mine, what a group of people!! just so lovely to be around, so much fun, very caring and helpfull and no matter what are always there for us!!! Jack was spoilt over christmas and his birthday! I have to say im very lucky!! I'd be lost without them. Thanks Flynnies ye are legends xx

Day 12...Favourite things!!! CAKE!!!

I love cakes, anything sweet with tons of cream!!! I just love it!!  This one had the yummiest strawberries in the middle aswell!!! And there is still some in the fridge for a cuppa later!!! Hee hee!! Along with some Trifle!!! Hee hee!! Being pregnant definetly has its upsides!! And this is one of them!! LOL

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 11...Childhood Memories..Some are better than others

As the title says some childhood memories are better than others, this is my reminder of the chapter of my childhood that i cant officially close just yet. But hopefully not long more, and in the meantime spend my days making my sons childhood memories much better than mine! Make and do was today and we made some binoculars, he is delighted with himself pretending to be buzz lightyear runing around the house!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 10...."Your not putting that rag up there are ya?"

That is what Richie asked me when i told him i was including this in my 365!!! This is my "donnie" my blankey i suppose!! I have had this all my life, i sleep with it every night, its just so comforting and i will always know if its not there when i hop into bed at night!!! We have been through some tough time hee hee!! Hence the extremly faded cats on it and the very small piece of lace thats left along the edges!! It has come everywhere with me including the labour ward!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 9...Childhood Memories

Nice biccies!!! Id love the times we'd have done the shopping always on a wednesday and we snuck some nice biccies into the trolley!! These were my favourite and funnily enough when i rang Richie to bring me home something nice he comes home with these!! Mad coincidence!! Yum!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 8....Childhood memories!!

I dont know anyone who wouldnt remember at least one of these items from their childhood!!! No matter what happened, sudocreme and calpol fixed everything!! And still does here in this house today!!! The bongela reminds me of the millions of ulcers and blisters ive had!!! I always seemed to get them, luckily not so much anymore!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 Childhood Memories

We went to town today for our lunch and parked in Merchants Quay. It did bring me right back to when i was small, i dont park here when i go to the city and have never done so, but its where my dad would park when he brought us to town!!! It was so weird driving in there today!! The picture is of the front door to the shopping center and i was standing under the clock, i think anyone from Cork will know it. Long before having mobile phones if you wanted to meet your friends or a boyfriend you done so at the clock out the front of merchants quay!!! It was funny thinking back on sitting there on the railings waiting nervously for a boyfriend to come along-no mobile to text if you were running late or if they would come at all!! Amzing how times have changed and how much easier it is for the youth of today!! OMG did i actually just type that!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 6.....Resolutions..Early to bed...

We are murder for staying up late and at 8 am here comes the lovely Jack shouting "morning time" followed swiftly by "im hungry" LOL
I took this picture just before we went to bed last night, i just know we will spend today talking about how tired we are and no doubt stay up late again tonight!  Its hard enough to see but it's 2am

Day 5.... Resolutions...

Here is Richie balmed out on the couch after a very long day at work! His resolution is to relax more! He is always at something, busying himself with work or stuff around the house!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 4.....Resolutions..

Well i will have two pictures today!! The first is of me! Just ready to leg it out the door for womens little christmas and dinner with my friend! It was such a lovely night and yummy food! Its so nice to get out away from the smallies and an excuse to get dollied up and of course a good old chat and catch up! Long gone are the WLC that i used to be out on the lash!!

The second picture is the monster desert i had!!! I just had to share, it beat me and baby fireman sam we just were not up to the job!!! LOL

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3...Resolutions...Tummy TLC

Well Jack is taking his resolutions very serious eating healthier!!! Day 4 of antibiotics for him!! His appetite is very poor and is managing some yougurt at the moment!! His cough is marginally better! Bronchitis is not fun but he has been in good form despite it all!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2...Resolutions...We WILL get on holidays this year!

Well after our surprise BFP after the wedding our honeymoon plans went on the long finger!! We had decided on a disney cruise and to bring Jack aswell so now it looks like we will be bringing two smallies!! I have been just drooling over the website and took this picture. With the baby due in april we may have to miss out on a holiday this year, but here's to hoping! Resolution-be more postive!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1......Resolutions

My little man is sicky :( one of my resolutions is to make sure he has lots of TLC.....