Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 7 Childhood Memories

We went to town today for our lunch and parked in Merchants Quay. It did bring me right back to when i was small, i dont park here when i go to the city and have never done so, but its where my dad would park when he brought us to town!!! It was so weird driving in there today!! The picture is of the front door to the shopping center and i was standing under the clock, i think anyone from Cork will know it. Long before having mobile phones if you wanted to meet your friends or a boyfriend you done so at the clock out the front of merchants quay!!! It was funny thinking back on sitting there on the railings waiting nervously for a boyfriend to come along-no mobile to text if you were running late or if they would come at all!! Amzing how times have changed and how much easier it is for the youth of today!! OMG did i actually just type that!!!