Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 77......New car!!!!!

Yeahhh its here!! Our new car!!! We are well chuffed with it, loads of toys and space and cool gadgets we keep finding something new everytime we sit into it!!! Richie worked so so hard the last few weeks and has sold most of his diving gear to help towards the price of it and i couldnt be prouder of him!! He really pulls out all the stops to provide for us-even if it is a lovely splurge in lieu of a honeymoon we've never got to have!!! I dont care how many people sneer down their noses about no ressesion in our house, my fantastic hubby works till the early hours of the monring some nights to keep us all going and without his dedication to us and his business we'd be in a very different place now! Thanks you!!

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